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Lifts and Runs

Lifts & Trails - Mountain Biking Bundle

Lifts & Trails - Mountain Biking Bundle

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Both physical and digital versions of Lifts & Trails.  A board game for all mountain bikers in all mountain bike destinations.    

Featuring chairlifts, climbing trails, shuttles, hike-a-bikes and even a heli-drop and a variety of mountain bike trails, jumps and stunts.  An excellent gift and fun for the whole family.

Rules are the same as the classic game Snakes and Ladders.  Roll the dice to move ahead.  The red square lifts take you up, while the blue square trails take you back down.  First to the top of the mountain wins.

Ages 3 and up, 2-4 players.

Great for playing and colouring on.  Use game pieces and dice you already have or get creative and make your own.

Use a dice rolling app or website:





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