Created by Rio MacDonald in Whistler, BC when he was 6 years old.  
Enjoy playing these fun games on some of his favourite 'Lifts and Runs'.

  • Lifts & Runs - Whistler Blackcomb Edition

    A board game for all skiers.   Make your way through some of Whistler's most iconic zones.  Take the chairlifts up and ski the awesome runs runs.  Finish your journey at the Inukshuk on Whistler Mountain.

  • Lifts & Runs Original

    A board game where you ride a chairlift, gondola, t-bar, magic carpet, snowcat and even a helicopter.  A variety of runs take you back down through the trees, off jumps, in deep powder and onto the bunny hill. Fitting for all ski lovers in all ski destinations. 

  • Lifts & Trails - Mountain Bike Edition

    A board game for all mountain bikers. There's trails, jumps, rock rides, stunts, lifts, climbs, shuttles, hike-a-bikes, heli-drops, bears and more. Make your way through this fun scene. Finish with views from the ridge up top.

Introducing Rio, the 'Kidpreneur'

Rio MacDonald originally conceived the idea for Lifts & Runs in Whistler, BC with his grandma at age 6. He is proud of the ideas and helps out with all aspects of the growing business.

Enjoy these fun games on some of his favourite 'Lifts and Runs'.

Explore the artwork

Loveable caricatures and fun mountain scenes by Jessica Leahey

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